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3 Things I’ve Learnt From Christmas That Have Helped My Freelance Writing Career

Investing in Your Writing Business

Your 2011 Goals: Achieved, Postponed Or Cancelled?

Bucking The End Of Year Trend — Reflecting, But Not Preparing. Yet.

Advice on Charging for Writing Blog Posts

3 Difficulties I’ve Faced When Hiring Freelance Writers

About Writing Squared — My Favorite Writer Forum

Interview with Writer Jenn Miller

It’s Time To Tie Up Those Loose Ends From 2011

Creativity Alone is Not Enough!

Thankful — Without Thanksgiving

Do You Find It A Struggle To Secure Writing Jobs In Your Speciality Areas?

Do You Change Your Freelance Writing Habits On The Lead Up To Christmas?

Brit-Speak, Take 2

What’s Your Perfect Writing Environment?

How Often Do You Tell Your Freelance Writing Clients They’re Wrong?

How To Get Your Writer Marketing Done In An Hour A Week

Take A Break And Find Out More About A Myriad Of Culprits

Book Review: SEO Marketing by Brian Belfitt

What’s Your Next Move As A Freelance Writer?

3 Things Freelance Writing Has Allowed Me To Do

AWAI Accelerated Copywriting Course Review

New Writers: Are You Ready For The Lonely Side Of Freelance Writing?

3 Things I’ve Learned From Working With Agencies That Will Help Develop My Freelance Writing Career

Finding and Connecting With Writing Clients

How Much Of An Issue Do You Think Bad Spelling And Grammar Is?

When Does A Freelance Writing Offer Or Promotion Become Something That Has A Detrimental Effect On Your Career?

Why Writers Should Read Launch by Mike Stelzner

How Much Of A Location Independent Writer Are You?

Have Your Freelance Writing Aims And Expectations Changed?

3 Reasons Why You Can’t Ever Ignore The Basics Of Freelance Writing

The One Piece Of Information I Wish I’d Known When I Was Starting Out As A Freelance Writer

Why I’m Guest Blogging More

A Thank You, An Apology And A Question

The Art Of Flexibility When You’re A Freelance Writer

Do You Have A Freelance Writing Schedule?

Would You Write For Something Other Than Money?

3 Skills You Need As A Freelance Writer Other Than Great Language Skills

How’s 2011 Going For You So Far?

Grammarly Review

3 Steps Every Freelance Writer Needs To Take To Prepare For The Summer

How Many Hours During The Day Do You Spend On Your Freelance Writing Career?

Why I’ve Decided Not To Go Full Time Freelance. Yet.

Freelance Proofreaders Rock, OK?

How To Become A Better Freelance Writer By Understanding The Three Principles Of Krav Maga

Interview With A Writer: Sharon Hurley Hall

5 Reasons Why I Hate Freelance Writing

Are You Your Own Worst Client?

Do You Take Advantage Of The Benefits You Get From Freelance Writing?

About A Writer — A New Approach

Does Speaking A Second Language Help With Your Freelance Writing Career?

It’s Time To Talk About A Writer’s Ammunition. Again.

The Revenge of the Concise Writer

Successful Blogging — Book Review

What Have You Sacrificed To Become A Freelance Writer?

Ask Sharon: Readers’ Questions on Writing Answered

Could You Stop Freelance Writing?

Which Online Resources Do You Utilize To Develop Your Freelance Writing Business?

Are You Prepared To Lose All Of Your Writing Work?

Two Great Books For Writers, Bloggers and Freelancers

How To Charge More Than $10 Per Article — Part 4

How To Charge More Than $10 Per Article — Part 3

Client Communication — Are You Using The Best Method?

How To Charge More Than $10 Per Article — Part 2

How To Charge More Than $10 Per Article — Part 1

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Writing Business Lessons From The Guttering Guy

The Importance Of Proofing

Does Freelance Writing Make You More Intelligent?

Today, I’ll Be Mostly Talking About Words

Is Your Freelance Writing Business Prepared For When Things Go Awry In Your Personal Life?

What Do You Do With Your Time Off?

Do You Get A Helping Hand From Your Family?

How Much Of An Impact Has Your Personal Life Had On Your Freelance Writing Career?

How To Have A Week Or Two Off As A Freelance Writer